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Mindfulness Workshop

A big thank you to Stephen for mindfulness and nutrition workshops.

Whats Next?

Following on from our workshop series on Mindfulness and Nutrition and in response to your feedback survey we are rolling out a mental health support network throughout the group. The network will consist of a group of trained Mental Health Champions who will have the tools to recognise mental health in the workplace, support those in crisis and engage in open conversations about workplace mental health.

are looking for volunteers to become mental health champions.

What is a mental health champion MHC ?

A mental health champion is someone who takes action to raise awareness of mental health and challenge stigma. Stigma is when we make assumptions about how a mental health problem will affect someone’s behaviour. In turn, this makes it more likely that they will be labelled as different, strange, or even dangerous. In some cases, and where trained appropriately, champions can help those who are experiencing mental health problems by signposting them to appropriate support services. Mental health champions aren’t expected to be experts in mental health, or to diagnose mental health problems. Instead, their role is to promote positive mental health and to signpost to relevant support and help.

Who should volunteer, who can be a Mental Health Champion?

Anyone can be a mental health champion Champions don’t need personal experience of mental health problems. Those who do have lived experience of mental health problems may find it helps them to start conversations and challenge stigma. Any action that a champion takes – no matter how big or small – helps to end stigma and raise awareness. Our Mental Health Champions must complete a one day training course to equip them with the necessary tools to support colleagues and engage in open conversations about mental heath. The mental health champion training course is based on the premise of providing psychological first aid. Psychological first aid is a process of offering help and support to individuals who may be suffering from mental health difficulties or who are experiencing mental health crises.

The course is open to colleagues in a people-orientated role, who are currently supporting colleagues within their professional capacity as a manager, team leader or HR team member and also to individuals in non-managerial roles but who have an interest learning about mental health in the workplace and how to support others with mental distress.

Course Duration: One full day plus refresher sessions.

How to Volunteer?

Simply let your manager know you are interested, sign up using the “sign up” sheet in the wellness notice boards or drop us an email mhc@dsg.ie Places are limited at the moment so please don’t delay in getting in touch.


Runamuck 5km

Well, fantastic fun was had down in Nass by everyone who participated in the Run A Muck Challenge and…. yes we did all get very mucky! Thank you Robbyn Leach for organising such a great day. Keep an eye on the wellness noticeboards to see what the next challenge will be! If you have any ideas let us know by emailing us wellness@dsg.ie