Wind energy projects require specialist logistical operations for the assembly, installation, maintenance, and decommissioning of the turbines.

Projects are primarily approved based on their proximity to populations and the energy source (wind), meaning port selection is dealt with as a secondary matter. This often leaves project owners struggling to find adequate port infrastructure as well a competent port operator to professionally handle the project.

Handling offshore wind turbines is a complex methodical process that requires experience and competence. With so few offshore wind projects operational around the world, there are a limited number of operators that have the knowledge and experience to develop and operate the onshore operations associated with an offshore wind project. This is particularly true in economies that are new to offshore wind energy, where there are likely to be zero experienced operators. This is what makes DSG’s experience and skills unique.

While local operators may be best positioned to take on the operation, their inexperience and lack of specialisation increases the risk of damages, delays and accidents for the project. Lack of experience in planning and development of the infrastructure, team and skills can also mean that the start of a project can be delayed, even when a port and operator has been identified in good time.

By not having a specialised operator that has experience in handling offshore wind farms, the risks associated with delays, damages, costs and health and safety exponentially increase.

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Our Sites

As DSG continues to improve and grow in the sector, our goal is to be able to facilitate the installation and operation of 5 GW of offshore wind energy.

The following sites are on offer to any interested parties:

Assembly Base

DSG will continue to operate the preassembly and marshalling terminal in Belfast Port, which is likely to be the port of choice for Irish Sea wind farms.

O&M Base

Significant upgrades to existing facilities, with warehousing and office space for up to 4 project tenants and berths for up to 12 CTV’s and 3 SOV’s.

Dockyard Base

49-acre site with warehousing and outside storage, frequently used as an assembly base for port cranes and other large infrastructure.

Our Mission

As a company, we have developed a strong reputation and expertise in handling wind projects in Ireland and Europe. With offshore wind to grow tenfold in by 2030 alone, we feel we can add value to the industry while ensuring port facilities used for these projects have long term plans beyond the initial installation periods.

As wind energy projects require specialised logistical operations for installation, maintenance and decommissioning and we intend to continue to be a leading service provider in this field.

DSG Renewables, which operates as a division of DSG, has a specific mission: To use our experience and facilities to help the transition to a renewable energy economy. We see ourselves playing a leading role in the development of renewable energy across Ireland.

To use our experience and facilities to help the transition to a renewable energy economy. We see ourselves playing a leading role in the development of renewable energy across Ireland.

What We Do

Having serviced the offshore Oil and Gas industry since the 1980’s, DSG began running the shore operations of offshore and onshore wind projects in 2003 for the Arklow Bank project. This involved a lengthy process of tendering, training and learning on our end.

With over 40 years servicing offshore projects, 15 years operating the assembly of offshore and onshore wind projects, as well as running ports for over 130 years, DSG presents an offering that is unrivalled in our region.

As an organisation, we don’t just want to be a minor stakeholder in the process of bringing renewable energy to reality. We stand out from any other port or non-specialised operators who may also be interested in becoming involved in the industry:

  • DSG have developed an experienced team to lead the required planning, construction, organisation, and training prior to the commencement of projects.
  • Our number 1 priority as a company is Health and Safety. We have invested hundreds of thousands of euro in safety measures in recent years, as well as millions in new assets to ensure that we can provide a safe working environment. This is something that is of paramount importance when operating projects of this kind.
  • Finally, DSG’s vision of creating continuous value from the site beyond the original project term is something that puts us above other operators just looking to host the installation stage.

While the majority of our experience and focus is on Wind energy, we have in the past played also a role in the logistical operations of solar energy farms. With the volumes of Solar PV projects increasing dramatically, we also hope to play a role in helping to deliver these projects in the years to come.

What Have We Done

DSG have handled over 400 turbines, both onshore and offshore, since 2003, amounting to over 3GW of power.

Some of these projects are outlined below:


Years Active: 2008 -
Turbines handled: 252
Max Turbine size: 7MW


Years Active: 2017 -
Turbines handled: 19
Max Turbine size: 4.8MW


Years Active: 2006 -
Turbines handled: 100
Max Turbine size: 3.6MW


Years Active: 2003 -
Turbines handled: 7
Max Turbine size: 3.6MW