Ireland’s leading independent Stevedore, providing a 24 hour, 365 days a year service


In Doyle Shipping Group we are proud of our heritage and our stevedores who are responsible for the loading and unloading of a ship’s cargo. We follow the ship’s plan to ensure that your cargo is loaded and unloaded correctly, using cranes and forklifts to move large cargo containers to and from trucks and other ships.

Roll-On / Roll-Off (RORO)

Our stevedoring division tend to full and partial ro/ro vessels including passenger car ferries. Our services include – tugmaster operations, mooring all types of vessels, ramp operations, clerical staff for reservations and check-ins and all managerial functions.

We operate on a 24 hour schedule with a flexible workforce, qualified in the handling of all high and heavy equipment. We have warehouses and external storage areas in all our terminals for various types of cargoes.​

Lift-On / Lift-Off (LOLO)

Our lo/lo equipment includes 5 mobile harbour cranes, 6 RTG cranes and 20 Tugmasters. Alexandra Quay Container Terminal is a 12.3 hectares, with an annual TEU capacity of 400,000 and 252 reefer points.

Bulk Handling

We have a range of break bulk equipment to handle bales, bags, reels, boxes, drums, etc.