Customs Clearance

With dedicated clearance specialists in each of our regional offices, we offer a hassle-free process for managing your import & export consignments and navigating you through the customs AEP system.

Brexit & Custom Clearance

As UK/EU Brexit negotiations continue, with “no deal” still a huge possibility, companies within Ireland need to start preparing for the inevitable impact on the transport of goods.

Once Brexit is fully ratified, and Britain leaves the EU, it will be classed as a “third country”, outside of the single market. This will be the case irrespective of whether a customs union is in place, or the negotiation of a free-trade agreement.

After Brexit, full customs declarations will be required for all goods imports and exports shipped between Ireland and the UK.

Get Expert Customs Clearance Advice

If you’re confused about the customs repercussions of Brexit and how your business will comply with the Revenue’s “Customs Clearance” or “Export Clearance” requirements, you need to get expert advice quickly.

Irish importers and exporters can either use a reputable third-party freight forwarder and customs clearance agency or alternatively hire a staff resource to complete customs clearance internally.

Companies should also be aware that Brexit may impact both the cost of raw materials and potentially lead to delayed delivery. Planning for both of these should be a matter of priority.